Pantofola d'oro

We wanted to tell the cultural and visual story that characterizes Pantofola d'Oro, channeling the stylistic idea into a narrative discourse that respects the soul of the brand.

Pantofola d'oro gif collection.
eCommerce, Technical Management, System Integration, Web Marketing, Advertising Management, ADV Campaign Shooting

An evolution that starts from the web-page layout, marketing, and communication to exclusive Shooting ADV.

2K products shipped annually

Pantofola d'oro layout example on desktop.
Pantofola d'oro layout example on mobile.


  • francesco bellato

    Co-founder — CEO

  • filippo martini

    Co-founder — CTO

  • alessandro zamboni

    Co-founder — CMO

  • ekaterina p.

    Frontend Developer

  • luisa m.

    Graphic Designer

  • Riccardo b.

    Marketing Specialist

  • giada r.

    Newsletter Editing