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Milano 51

Milano51 is a solid brand with 5 points of sale in Tuscany. The large quantity of products in support of correct photos and advertising management has determined the success of our collaboration. In fact receives more than 5,000 transactions a year correctly managed by dedicated customer service.

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Partner since 2019, E-commerce, Technical Management, E-commerce Photo, System Integration, Web Marketing, Advertising Management


Moschino, Adidas, Colmar, Liu Jo, Disclaimer, Premiata, New Balance

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Derek Simoni
Founder Milano 51
“After about a year from the collaboration with Evolve, we have managed to increase sales exponentially with consequent turnover. The team led by Alessandro Zamboni has constantly helped and supported us, taking Milano51 to the next step. We expect to improve further in the coming years, fully satisfied by this new partnership.”
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  • filippo martini

    Co-founder — CTO

  • alessandro zamboni

    Co-founder — CMO

  • eric a.

    Backend Developer

  • anas b.

    Frontend Developer

  • daniele s.



    Graphic Designer