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For Block60 - the historical multi-brand of Riccione we have structured a Magento 2 with all the necessary automation to close the greatest number of sales, created a design outside the usual conventional standards, and taking care of both the photographic and the management of the advertising campaigns we succeeded (also thanks to a winning product on the market) to obtain results that are well above expectations, reaching the break-even point after just a few months of collaboration.

Block60 layout examples on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Partner since 2019, E-commerce, Web Marketing, Technical Management, System Integration, Editorial / e-commerce photography, Social content


Golden Goose, Maison Margiela, Diesel, New Balance, Department 5

  • Block60 hero layout example on tablet.
  • Block60 products layout example on tablet.
Andrea Del Bianco
Owner Block60
“Block60 and Evolve have been collaborating for several years and have allowed the store to expand in the digital field thanks to their winning strategies. I found the availability and innovative ideas from the guys in line with the new trends and inherent to the spirit and identity of our concept store.”
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  • filippo martini

    Co-founder — CTO

  • alessandro zamboni

    Co-founder — CMO

  • luisa m.

    Graphic Designer


    Frontend Developer

  • GIADA R.

    Newsletter Editing

  • riccardo b.

    Marketing Specialist

  • daniele s.